In which we shop, eat, talk, play, lather rinse repeat, a disjointed post

We've been working our tail feathers off here at the AERC Convention.
This post is a little scattered because I'm trying to cover all the bases without actually being organized. Somehow, that never works out as splendidly as I think it should.
Go figure.

Lots of pretty stuff for sale at American Trail Gear

Sherri and Diana have been instructing me in the fine art of being a convention vendor.  It's hard work!  I think I'm not actually a "natural" at it, but I'm learning a lot.

Gail suggested that we go to a Bask restaurant...ooooh, good food!

We are endurance riders, however:  food is fuel, and we refuse to run out of fuel!

And then, there's the shopping.   Funder is looking for a Specialized  Saddle.  Anybody got one for sale?

She looks dubious?
 And then again with the eating.
Endurance Bloggers' All-You-Can-Eat Sushi dinner, (clockwise from left):
Allison, Merri, Mel, Aarene, unknown guy at another table,
Ashley, Lucy, Funder

I conducted an Endurance 101 seminar in a GIGANTIC room (think: Olympic swimming pool).  It was a pretty good session.
A girl and her microphone: it's a beautiful thing

The audience worked hard to make it good, and I always appreciate that.

The session was very interactive.  New riders asked questions,
and then 5 or 6 more experienced riders would offer solutions...
all of which made sense, although sometimes the solutions
contradicted each other.  Endurance riding is like that.

Merri and Funder helped to demonstrate how to teach vet check and trot-out techniques when there's no horse available.

Pink'un is a terrible endurance pony.  She bucks, she pulls back, and she kicks.
Also, she hates to trot-out.

And at the end of the day, Mel and Tess entertained the crowd outside the ATG booth.

And for our next trick:  we'll be back in the booth selling shiny tack and a cool book today.  If you're in the area (hint, hint) stop by and say "hi!"

We'll pack up tonight and hit the road for home tomorrow.  But right now:  egad, I've got to run--the trade show opens in 10 minutes and I need to be there!

It's good.


  1. i'm suddenly tempted to cut most of my hair off to join the funder+aarene look. also, so much less work. hey, i want a specialized too - they're half as costly as the leading competitor in germany, including shipping and import taxes. i'm just mising the most important part of saddle shopping. *sigh*

    hey did you see all the endurance riding stories (videos) on CNN this week? i don't know if you read the international CNN but take a look. those are merri's people they interviewed!

  2. sounds like a fun conference!! I would go ga-ga over all the gear. I don't even do endurance and I still want all the fun coloured stuff! :-)

    I have a like new specialized trailmaster if Funder is interested...would just have to ship it from Canada... I'm contemplating trying to sell it, but there isn't a lot of interest for them here.

  3. oh - is that David Kaden in the bg of the pic with Funder and the saddle? He looks quite

  4. Jealous! Really wish I could have made it, it's just "up the mountain" from me. But the bad faeries conspired with snow over the summit and projects at home. Probably better for my pocketbook, looks like a great time!

    (I echo lytha on the adorable short hair look. I truly don't think I could pull it off, but it is so cute!)

  5. Short hair is all about the attitude! Especially when you dye it a color you didn't really quite intend to get, then you must smile really big for all the pics. ;)

    Laura, is it a 16"? Shoot me an email (funder at gmail) and I'll think about it!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I was all ready to plan my drive to Reno for next year's convention, you guys have me that convinced I should have gone. Then I learned that it's in Georgia next year, and suddenly it appears I will have to wait til it returns to somewhere closer. Argh! Details, details.. loving all the photos and blogging about it, I missed out!

    1. aaaand the computer had me confused and didn't tell me that first one posted. bah, technology!

  8. Looks like it was both "Good" & "Fun" too & then there's "Colorful"!


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