In which "the Dog Days" are the very happiest of days for dog folks

City-people have off-leash dog parks.

We have Fish Creek Farm.

Though it's usually a very horse-centric place, on a day like today with minimal rain and minimal work assignments, everybody and their dogs show up at the barn to socialize.

Roo-dog thinks that playing ball with a bunch of dogs is great fun.

Sometimes Roo catches the ball

and sometimes Bella has the ball

sometimes Selah has the ball

And, sometimes Emmie has the ball.

Connor doesn't usually get the ball.

When Connor gets the ball, he runs away with it and won't bring it back.
Jaz never gets the ball.

The ball is too big to fit in the mouth of a Min-Pin.  

But that's okay.  We can all play together.

 I've been trying to take better dog pictures, and I'm happy with some of these:






When we're all done playing, we head back to our trucks and go home.

Life is good.  Especially for dogs.


  1. Roo looks like she is adjusting well:)

  2. Great photos. Roo is very pretty. And it looks like spring has sprung up there.

  3. This has been the *easiest* "first week with a dog" I've ever had--Roo is terrific, and she loves puppy boot camp.

    As for spring, well. The bulbs are beginning to sprout, and the starlings are beginning their annual campaign to gut my barn insulation, so I guess spring is starting to sprung!

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all! (except Jaz says "No ball discrimination!")

  5. Some great photos..Roo looks like she is making herself right at home...


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