In which we name things and drive like crazy to beat the weather forecast

We set sail yesterday from American Trail Gear Headquarters.

Diana got the motorhome as a birthday present last summer,
but they've never gotten around to naming it.
We fixed that today, and christened her the Barbara Lee

This morning, we blew a fuse while simultaneously making coffee and heating the rig.  Oops.

It's okay!  We have a manual and tools...and a flashlight...and my reading glasses.... Phew.  Catastrophe averted, and Sherri got a cup of life-giving fluid before we hit the road.

Then we discovered that the rig's GPS system was uncooperative.

But it's okay!  I brought back-up!

Thank you, Google Navigator via Aarene's phone.

 My phone has proved itself so useful that we christened it today too:  we call it the Christine in sideways-homage to actress Majel Barrett who voiced the Enterprise computer and played Nurse Christine Chapel on the original Star Trek episodes.

Yes.  I'm that kind of nerd.  I thought you knew.

Nerd at the helm!

The rest of this post is pretty much photos we took on the road.  Sherri used my camera while I drove...uh...mostly....I didn't use the camera when the road had any traffic on it, anyhow.

Iced-over Upper Lake Klamath

Ominous clouds in south-east Oregon

Interesting rocks...California, I think.

More interesting rocks.  I would like to ride here someday.

Blue sky, gusty winds. 

Thawing lake.  California.

More clouds and high desert.  Nevada

We beat the weather and arrived safely in Reno.  Tomorrow, I'll seek out a museum (and a library, probably) to entertain myself, unless AERC staff is able to let us in early to set up the tack shop and book-signing table.  
Meanwhile, there's pretty food on the table.  

Salads.  The ATG girls make sure I eat properly on the road!
We're warm and parked and comfy, and didn't have to drive in sn*w.  

We've decoded the local wi-fi, and (you already knew this):

Life. Is. Good.


  1. i'm watching the original star trek for the first time since childhood and i knew majel barrett was gonna appear at some point but i didn't know when. her character as nurse chapel is so utterly different from the troi i know, i almost didn't believe it was her. also, her voice was so different back then (actresses in the 60s seem to purposefully use a sing-songy voice ya know?). but her eyes, it was the eyes i knew. did you know she played the first officer in the pilot? but people preferred spock in that role.

    anyway i just watched the very first klingon episode, where you know, they just look like humans. the coolest thing ever: john colicos played the klingon! i knew THAT voice - he was the original baltar from battlestar. i watched the entire episode twice in a row just so i could enjoy young captain kirk talking to baltar: )

    have fun in NV - it must be so fun for you to drive a reliable RV.

  2. Sounds like a great road trip--have fun in Reno--I know you will.

  3. Devices earn their salt on a road trip... although "Christine" can't make you eat right. The camper sounds like a small East Village apartment where you could never dry your hair and make toast at the same time.

  4. You gal's have fun. I'll be contacting the Tack Gal's when you return, I would like to get a bridle for my s hack. I'm glad that you posted a link...How did I not know about this place?

  5. Love the vicarious road trip, complete with PHOTOS and ART. I also love that you take photos of places that look fun to ride. Horse people. We have our priorities straight. When I was a kid, I passed a golf course daily on the school bus, and every day, I'd think "What a waste. Can you imagine RIDING on that?!"

    I'm trying not to die that you are hours from me, and I can't drive to Reno this weekend. Dang. You almost had a stalker! Why did I grow up to be a responsible (non golf-course riding) human? I'd like to toss it to the wind and drive to Reno...


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