In which I take the new camera out again, with "better" results

A few tweaked settings, a fresh battery, 
and significantly more light.

Apparently, that's what this new camera prefers.  

Duana and Hana were happy to serve as test subjects

And who can blame it?  I'm more than a bit solar-powered myself.  

Changing the settings on this camera is not very intuitive; unlike the old camera, I will need a lot of practice before I can mess with this one appropriately on the move.

Movement, alas, is the weak spot:

sedate walk = a little blurry

If the light is even slightly dim and we are moving at more than a walk, the camera reverts to psychedelia.

sedate trot + medium light = more shrooms, anyone?

sedate trot + darkness = can't feel my face
regular trot + decent light =
this is what the woods really look like when we ride

So the answer seems to be:  seek out sunlight and maintain a sedate pace.

Blue skies, puffy white clouds.  If only it could always be this way.

Easy, right?

Bah haha hah hah haa!

Swamp = where we live.  Trot = what we do.

Yeah, no.  



  1. So, I talked with my photographer friend the other day - complaining that my old cell phone camera took great shots of a horse a trot, whereas no matter how hard I tried I got blurry legs on Caspian.

    He explained that it's all about light - more expensive cameras can take crisp pictures in dimmer light, and the cheaper the camera, the more blurry it will be in dim light.

    Pretty much all cameras will take nice crisp pictures in good light.

    It sounds like you've already figured this out - but honestly, it just sucks. Seems like you should be able to return it - I've found most stores and companies have a better return policy than you might expect - especially if you want to upgrade rather than return.

    On the other hand... this post made me laugh out loud, so maybe you can keep the camera? Just for a bit, for my own amusement?

  2. The psychedelic look is kind-of working for me, in a demented type of way (unless I look too long, then I get a little ill). I hope you can return the camera. While I mostly use my phone, I find that it is bad for motion shots. For that I have a tiny point-and-shoot Canon I've been really happy with. One thing I look for is also how quickly the camera turns on, never know when the perfect moment will come up!

    Your woods are so glorious and green, and with Fee ears on the bottom seem just about perfect!


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