In which a week in camp this year is much better than camp was last year

Another fifty-mile completion
Photo by Monica Bretherton
Last year, our week at the Renegade ridecamp was sublimely sub-optimal.

This year was better.

Much better.

It was not entirely without setbacks, of course. Like, I lost my camera on the trail during the ride, and it hasn't been located yet.


I was out on the trail, not stuck in camp.

Using tools, building and marking trails

On my horse!

And look who else was there:

Cassidy and Mads, two of my favorite girls

"Best-Dressed Crew"

Other stories will have to wait...I'm still hoping the trail un-marking crew will find my camera before some elk eats it.  My storytelling is really pathetic without illustrations!

But hey.

It was good.

Actually, come to think of it, it's all good.

(But it will be even better if my camera comes home!)


  1. Glad you were able to ride this time around and major bummer on losing your camera!

  2. You could draw repeesentative pictures with the paint program.... :)


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