In which many people kept a big secret from our friend Gail Williams

Back in July 2014, somebody wrote to me and said, "Gail should be given the Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award for all the great work she does."

I wrote a letter of nomination to AERC, and more than 70 people signed it.

All very hush-hush.

It's not easy to simultaneously spread the word about something like this and also keep it a secret.

We wanted to surprise her if she got it.

And we did.

And she did.

And she was.

One of the finest things in my life was being able to present the award at the annual AERC banquet tonight.

Thank you, everyone, for making it possible...and for keeping the secret.  (and thanks Merri Melde for catching the video clip!)


  1. Yay for Gail. I love to see hard working volunteers receive acknowledgement. I hope to be able to learn a little about trail maintenence this summer.

  2. Huzzah! So glad to meet and chat with you all finally


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