In which we take another whirlwind tour of convention in Reno

We sailed away on a bright and sunny day

Diana helps to hitch up the SS Barbara Lee

out of Washington State

The Merry Pranksters

through Oregon

Highway 58, up over the mountains

in and 

out of California

and through the night.
Darkness over Klamath Lake

We all drove the SS Barbara Lee


And we all took turns talking

Becky and Sherri

And finally: Nevada!

That sn*w seems perilously close to the rig, but our roads were clear and dry.

They were expecting us.

We off-loaded in record time

We could easily quit our day jobs and be roadies

and moved a ton of stuff

An excellent location: between the raffle and the Tevis booth.  LOTS of traffic!

un-wrapped,  unboxed, and

Boxes of awesome

 hung up
Diana fluffs up the merch

everything all bright and shiny.

Sherri makes everything pretty

Photo by Merri Melde

Next door to American Trail Gear, we hosted the first-ever

Merri Melde and Henry Griffin

 AERC Book Barn!

Everyone we talked to owns about half of the books on the table.
Which books do YOU have already?

We made friends with Devin, she rocks.

Of course, we didn't just sell stuff.

There was also the FOOD.

Just because I haven't seen these ladies in two years didn't mean we couldn't
smash seafood together promptly

Lucy was only temporarily boggled by the shells


Gail's big award

So proud

And more FOOD.

Endurance riders are good at eating.

Then, back to selling stuff.

ATG Day Two:  much stuff already sold!

Book Barn, Day 2:  the stacks of books are getting smaller

We almost ran out of copies of Endurance 101

And always, the paperwork.

We are a low-tech group

All-too-soon:  time to pack it up and

Again with the boxes

head back out.



A stop in Shasta City--this is the view from the Black Bear Diner window

 And when I got home, I went riding.
Of course.

Next year, maybe we'll see you there!


  1. Wonderful to see you, and Gail, and the ATG ladies again! Let's not let another two years pass! (Surely Sherri and Diana need an extra roadie for vending at Tevis and could recruit you?)

  2. First Reno trip for me - I didn't realize the Book Barn hadn't always been a staple of convention!

    It was great to finally get to meet you and the ATG ladies; the pony and I shall have to try out some of your tips. Thank you thank you.

  3. It was so much fun to see you all and shop from ATG! :)


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