In which Raindrops are falling on our...feet... (and also on the Dragon)

Springtime in the Swampland is usually a pretty soggy thing, 

It has been raining here, but we had a beautiful day today!

True Swamplanders just pull up our hoods, lace up our boots, and carry on.  But the wet days are good times to learn stuff, and sometimes we do.

Betsey knows stuff, and she's willing to teach us.

Lately, Betsey has been teaching us about the use of essential oils.

Because we always do things this way, we gathered at Haiku Farm, with a dog for every human, ready to learn.

We started with a warm foot bath of epsom salts, lavender and peppermint.  Relaxation and rejuvenation!

"Epsom salt baths have a laxative effect on dogs who
drink them, Ripley.  Why don't you go sit by Luna, please?"
Then came the foot therapy.

vegetable oil + essential oil + Connor Connor Photobomber
 We started with Valor, which Betsey introduced to me after my hip surgery.  The website says that Valor is good for increasing feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity, and I've gotta say, it really works for that.

Valor first, for balancing
 Betsey did Patty's poor toes, while Monica and I did each other.

Ripley helped. Also Connor.

After all the people (and some of the dogs) were relaxed and feeling energized, we went down to the barn to try a Raindrop treatment on the Dragon.

Jim was working in the barn aisle, hiding his power tools from the rain.
That's okay:  there's plenty of room for all the people (and the dogs, and the Dragon)
Roo offered to help if we had any hamburger-flavored oils.
Betsey let Fiddle sniff each of the oils before she put any on.  If there was a strong negative reaction to anything (she didn't like marjoram, for example) we wouldn't use it at all.

Whuffle.  Whuffle.  Whuffle.  This is not cookie-flavor...?

If there was a strong positive reaction,  we knew that she would derive benefit from the oil.

Peppermint!  It smells like SANTA!  I love that stuff!

After the Dragon approved each oil, Betsey would put some on her body.

Valor isn't a "hot" (reactive) oil, so it can be put directly
on the heel bulbs.  

***I checked the "prohibited substances" portion of the AERC rulebook online to see if any of the substances we were using are prohibited in competition.  Some things like lavender are not permitted.  The ingredients of Valor appear to be okay, but I would not use it within two days of a competition, just in case.

Some oils got rubbed into the coronet band of each foot.

Valor on the poll.  Fiddle didn't want to let anybody touch her head. I disagreed.
Our compromise:  anybody can touch her head.  
There were no obviously sore or tender spots, but a few that were more sensitive than others.

Some oils were applied to her back and then "connected" by Betsey's hands.

Relaxed Dragon will let Betsey put stuff anywhere she wants.

Finishing touch:
Warm towel to keep the back warm and relaxed for a few extra minutes.
Did I see any changes in myself or the Dragon post-treatment?

Well, Monday and Tuesday, my lower back was extremely sore--I have a chiro appointment, but can't get in until next week.  However, despite the pain, I had increased mobility in both hips--the artificial and the organic side.

I also noticed that my side-to-side balance was improved.

Fiddle didn't report any changes.  She has Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as days off, since those are my busy days at work.  When I rode today (Thursday) she seemed strong and ready to go.

So, there ya go.

And today, the sun came out.



  1. While we are Internet neighbors, I think we definitely need to be neighbor neighbors. Rainy day fun school? I am so there...


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