In which there is a MONSTER at the end of this blog post (no, really)

When my brother and I were very young, our favorite book was
The Monster at the End of This Book 
starring lovable furry old Grover.

If you've never read The Monster at the End of This Book, you can read the
whole thing HERE.  The page turns are at the bottom of each page.
 It's very short.  You will laugh.  Go there now.  We'll wait.
 I thought of that book this morning as I texted the Suspects:

Be prepared to park creatively, tree felling at trailhead.

The tree workers were very kind and shut down the motors while we mounted and headed out.  But I will warn you in advance:  there really are monsters at the end of this post.

It was a great day for a ride.

We all practiced leading, following, 

and working side-by-side

Yes, even the Dragon.  But it's hard to take a photo of somebody who
is right on my elbow, so this is the side-by-side photo we got.

Almost done!  But first, it's snack time.

The grass is coming in!

Back at the trailhead, the tree guys were having lunch and the machines were quiet.

This looks like a MONSTER to Hana
 In other words:  training opportunity time!

But...touch the monster machine, get a cookie, right?

Draconic dubiousity

Touch this monster machine, get another cookie

Monster?  Cookie?

Good girl!

I think we should have held out for more cookies.

I told you there was nothing to be afraid of, Hana!

Monsters and cookies.  Two great things that go great together.


  1. Thanks for the laugh and awesome reminder of the best book ever. My dad would read me that in a Grover voice and yell. Not really a bedtime story. So glad the horses realized the monsters were really treat machines!

  2. Good weather for a nice ride! How convenient that they were on a break when you guys got back to load up.
    Aarene, have you ever seen a kid's book called "The Shadow" ? My friend has this one brought it to work one day to show us- it's really kind of creepy!

  3. That was definitely my favourite book as a kid too! It also reminds me of the "are you my mother" book with the monster bulldozer


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