In which I share the Gift of Stories to drive the cold winter away

Who needs Rudolph?

I have told the origin of my "gift of stories" tradition many times on this blog.  HERE is a link, if you want to read that.  

If you live locally and you see me this week, ask for a copy of the story booklet.

But if you don't live nearby, fear not!  As I always do in December, I will post stories to the blog for the next week. And of course, you can always visit stories from earlier Decembers.

2009 stories begin HERE
2010 stories begin HERE <<--this starts with a poem 
2011 stories begin HERE  <<-- this starts with a Skookum story
2012 stories begin HERE <<-- a better Skookum story (one of my faves)
2013 stories begin HERE
2014 stories begin HERE <<this starts with the "why I give stories" story, and includes the soup recipe
2015 stories begin HERE

And the 2016 stories begin...tomorrow!

Please share these stories.  Tell them to your friend, forward the page to your parents or your children, print them out for your colleagues.

"With mirth and good cheer
to end the whole year,
And drive the cold winter away!"


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