In which there is sn*w, and I offer a little coping strategy

A year ago today, I posted this status on Facebook:
Last night I dreamed I was rehearsing a language learning dialogue with a complete stranger, in English.
Person 1 - Hello.
Person 2 - Hello, how are you?
Person 1 - I am well.  It is sn*wing!  Let's go into the garden!
Person 2 - It is sn*wing?  Zut! I parked on a hill!  (grabs chapeau and leaves)

This morning, the yard was full of sn*w.

Zut, indeed.

baking gingerbread ponies is an excellent way of heating up the house.  

I made cookies.  That took an hour.  

Looked outside.  Still sn*wing.  


I started thinking about Xmas.  The story booklets are ready at the printer (pick up tomorrow, come find me if you're local and want a copy!).  I loaded the stories onto the blog, time delayed to begin on Solstice so you will all have stories to share for the holidays.

Looked outside.  Still sn*wing.


Went down to the barn and broke up the ice in the pasture water tank, then swapped the extension cord from the paddock water tank to the pasture tank.   That took another hour.

Still sn*wing.

I threw a roast in the crock pot with parsnips, yams, carrots, and celery.  Filled the wood box (again).  Brushed Luna.


Finally, I fired up the computer and made some stuff.  My family will be getting Haiku Farm coloring books when we gather after the holiday, so I figured I could share the pages here.  

Because, hey, maybe it's sn*wing where y'all are, too?

I think you should be able to copy and print the photos directly from here, but I can send .pdf files to your email if that's better.  Leave me a note in the comment box!

Sunflower from the garden


Foxie Loxie and a Giant Punk

Dobbie Goat Gruff and Lupin Goat Gruff



Will and Lisa, with Foxie, Roo and Luna

Me and Santa

Monica and Danny


If you end up coloring any of the pictures, send me a picture?

When I color stuff, the people always turn into zombies or dragons or something, but if you are a more conventional color-er, that's good too.

Meanwhile, we can hope for rain, right?


  1. Love the coloring book idea! I'm going to share a page or two other my daughter:)

  2. Wow! A story book AND a coloring book! Wow!


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