Thursday, December 8, 2016

In which our backyard is a Dog Park and they are playing Dinosaurs

Oh, the weather outside is frightful not too bad, actually...

Yesterday, the forecasters were calling for sn*w and "winter driving conditions."   

I warned the library that me showing up would be weather-dependent; with nothing unusual on the schedule, I could easily take an "inclement weather" PTO day if I needed it.

But today:

Hooligans?  What hooligans?

So, I'll be heading out for an evening shift in a few minutes.

But before leaving home, how about a game of Dinosaurs?!?!

I'm a DINOSAUR and I'm coming to eat you up!

You can't get me, Dinosaur, because I'm a Dinosaur, too!


Being Dinosaurs is the BEST!

Stay warm and safe out there in the Winter, y'all!
(and watch out for Dinosaurs)


  1. What is missing is the incredible sound your dogs can make.

    Owww! Is that a logging truck? Is that any type of truck?: ) :)

    But my neighbors have something to say about a donkey lately: ( Freaking 1 AM.

  2. Those two dinosaurs have major league zoomies!!


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