In which we dress up in fine feathers and invite others to join us!

We have a lot of thrift shop prom dresses in our closets.

For many years, the Usual Suspects have gathered for a day of shopping to wear at the annual PNER Convention.  

Niki asked, "Can I go with you?"  ABSOLUTELY!

People often comment on our silly photos

Personal dignity has no place here

the fun we have,

Three "squires" needed for this dress--but it's worth it!

and the amazing outfits we wear to convention every year.

2013 PNER convention, all the pretty ladies

Over the years, people have said, "I wish I could shop with you!"

Finding dresses is always fun

and "I wish I could find a pretty prom dress too."

This year, we're gonna help make it happen.

Our plan is to haul all the prom dresses down to convention, and put them on display near the registration desk.

For the nominal fee of $5 (to borrow) or $10 (to buy) PNER members can get a fancy dress for the banquet.  

All the money will be donated to the PNER Juniors and Young Riders.
(so if you want to donate more money, that would be okay)

Are you excited yet? 

Us too!

See you in Portland!


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