In which the sn*w is still with us, but we throw a party anyhow

Happy New Year!

Santa Jim got up early this morning. By the time my feet hit the bedroom floor, the turkey was already smoking along on the back porch.   


Out in the yard, Chicken Thirteen was clearly not thrilled with the white stuff all over her garden.

Do. Not. Like. This. Stuff.

I wasn't the only member of the household stalking around the yard with a camera.

How to caption this photo?  I mean, really?

The sky got light, but it never got warmer than 36F all day.

We were a little concerned that people wouldn't be able to come to the New Year's party because of the sn*w, 

but the county road crews were out early and late with the plows and the sand trucks.

It's possible to get around when the weather gets cold, but hurrying is best left

to those without wheels.

Roo hoped that nobody would come to the party

because the turkey smelled so good coming out of the smoker

and even better once it was sliced up in the kitchen.

Please may I have the turkey?

Sorry, Roo!  

People came to the party.

And together we ate the turkey, and drank the apple cyser (mead) that Jim made from our apples last summer,

Margie and Craig brought corn chowder, Megan and Henry and Patrick brought lasagne,
Kathryn brought meatballs, Patty brought oranges, and Rosemary brought scones!

and there was plenty of food, and talk, and stories

I think we have more food left over at the end of the party than we started with before the party began!

to welcome the year properly.

May this be the year we get stuff right.  
So says me, so says we all!


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