In which the truck is borked, so we have a field trip without the horses

What does an endurance rider do while the truck is in the shop?

Well, this endurance rider likes to go to storytelling festivals.

Daylilies at Powellswood Storytelling Festival

We've been here before. 

I hosted the Perennial Tent all weekend
 But that's okay.

Ed Stivender.  I checked it: the banjo is set on "stun."
 The stories are always new.

Diane Ferlatte  She lives in Oakland CA, y'all.
(That's a hint to the California readers.)
 Even the familiar tellers had new tales to share.

Donald Davis.  He never gets less charming.

Sometimes, a teller will share an old story, with a new twist.

Barbara McBride-Smith specializes in familiar stories from
mythology and the Bible...with a Texas twist!
 Or maybe an old story, told the old-fashioned way.

Angela Lloyd, who was once described (by another storyteller)
as being "diagonally parked in a parallel world."
 We all come together every summer, because

Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald, author, professor, folklorist, storyteller
and a few young friends
 Margie MacDonald really knows how to throw a great party for storytellers!

Santa Jim ran the sound board

Storytellers aren't just grownups, of course.

Santa can't help attracting small children...

...and big children
 Stories are for everyone.

Cassidy came to stay for the weekend,
 just to help out at the festival
And so are

the beautiful flowers at Powellswood Garden.

Life is good.

(And the truck is fixed!  Tomorrow I ride!)


  1. Like you wouldn't have been there if the truck was okay...

  2. I love Santa Jim's summer Santa attire!

  3. Ooooo... I love listening to story telling. I subscribe to The Moth podcasts (free!) to get my hit of "no notes, just a person and an audience" storytelling. That looks like FUN.


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