In which it's still here and glaring at it doesn't seem to get it gone

Make it stop!!!!

It's about 2" deeper in the pasture, but I didn't want to
get sn*wballs down my boots again just for a photo.

lytha in Germany referred to the "map of school sn*w closures", and she's right:  at 3" of white stuff, we shut down the entire county.  Both King and Snohomish Counties are essentially closed down today--no schools, no libraries, busses on reduced schedules. 

We aren't quite as wussy as Portland Oregon, which shuts when they get any!

I heard that the feed store in Everett opened today and people who hadn't planned ahead sufficiently were all but dogsledding in to pick up pellets and propane this morning.

View from the pasture.  The little purple blob by the fence is my horse. 

Foxie Loxie thinks that sn*w is wonderful fun.

the bright light also makes him sneeze 

pretty little dog

Roo is not a fan

Fiddle obviously spent time outside last night.

Yes, there are icicles on her blanket.

Her blanket actually froze


Clean, dry, heavier blanket on, and out she goes into the wild white yonder.

Eat first?  Or roll first?

 First stop:

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

After a good long roll in sn*w, it's time for a Draconic Rampage.

Her apres-Rampage look

It's good for the complexion.

The forecast (which originally called for less than an inch of sn*w, by the way) calls for continued cold temps, but no more precip until Thursday.  That means that the county will try to re-open tomorrow, and we've gotta clear ourselves out.

I cleared the landing pad by the cars by hand

Jim fired up the tractor to clear the steeper bit to the road.

It is pretty. 

The purple blob is rolling again.

But mostly, we wish for rain.



  1. You didn't do a good enough job of dissuading me. I'll be joining you int his whiteness by tomorrow.


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