In which I'm not the only one who disapproves of ongoing sn*w

A few days ago, I waded out to the middle of the pasture 
to take a picture of our house covered in sn*w, 
but something kept walking behind me and
blocking the light.

So, I shot this instead

This is what I was aiming for.  Feb 4, 2019.

Today, things look different.

The mountain behind the house is *gone*

The Draconic Rampage (TM) continues.

And there you have it:  the reason I don't just "hop up on my horse and ride around the pasture."

Well, that and I'm not a big fan of sitting on her big soggy purple blanket.  It's dry on the inside, but I have to swap out blankets every day or two when the weather is so wet and white.  The barn aisle is full of frozen blankets right now.

The chickens disapprove as well.

Vice-chair of the Anti-Sn*w League

We have less of the stuff on the ground than we did a few days ago, but it's falling again--and the whole region is prepping for a major Sn*wpocalypse.

A few days ago, it was up to the top of my boots.
Also:  dang, I am really bowlegged!

The forecasters have been busy.  Apparently, the sn*w falling today is just the beginning--and there is at least one, possibly two or more, storms incoming.  My library closed early today (I had the day off anyhow), and the entire library system will be closed tomorrow also.

After that, who knows?

Here's what one of the local weather-guessers posted on his blog

", I won't give a name to the upcoming snow events (but the picture below is a hint)..."


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