In which my least-favorite weather comes for a (brief?!?! I hope!) visit

I think my views on this white stuff are well-documented already.


I took this picture from the kitchen window:

C'mon out, it's wonderful fun!

Rumplethingy has never seen sn*w before. 

He hunted it through the window for about a minute, then collapsed in front of the fire and refused to move.  He is still there (hours have passed).


Foxie finally convinced me to go outside and take a traipse around. 

Pickles Marie's plum tree

Alder saplings in the lower pasture

Grape vines

Taking photos of my dark horse against a sn*wy background is pretty much pointless--my little camera is always bolluxed by the light/dark contrast.

Horse-shaped blob + goat-shaped blobs in the sn*w

Monica has taken some spectacular photos in the past, but this year she was busy working on an art project and only came up for air for a few minutes before diving back into some paint-sodden masterpiece-in-progress.

More of Monica's beautiful photos from 2014 are HERE

 Roo always looks sweet (and also slightly puzzled...)

Such a good dog

Foxie always looks naughty, even when he isn't.

Heh heh heh.

Enough is enough.  I went back indoors to do what I often do when the weather turns fruit-metaphor-of-your-choice:

Gingerbread ponies with powdered sugar.  

Now the house smells delicious, and I can eat the weather in effigy while I glare out the window and hope for rain.


  1. Did you see that map of America color coded for how much snow is required to cancel schools? Seattle got 3 inches so I guess your schools were closed this week. New Orleans got "Any snow at all." *LOL*

    It snowed so hard on Wednesday my husband was actually worried about driving me to school. Our car's winter tires were put to the test and we only lost traction once. It was 5:30 in the morning and the snow plows hadn't woken up yet. But the autobahn had 2 clear lanes (and one completely snowed in) so we made it. When J is worried about driving in snow, you know it's a lotta snow: )

    My horse is perfectly clean cuz there is no mud to be found. And our streets are clear, so I cannot hate the snow. However today it's much colder so tricky to navigate with a wheelbarrow. I'm planning on taking Mag out with Anja for a walk, we'll see how far we get.

    Praying for rain for both of us!


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