In which connectivity may be limited from this point onward

I'm writing this on my phone from a field near Kittitas, so please forgive the inevitable typos!

This is what the trail looks like so far. Nice tread, no hills.
 We left from Easton, WA on Thursday, heading east on the converted rail-trail. So far we've stayed in Easton, Cle Elum , Thorp, Ellensburg, and now here, at the trailhead my friends know as the Milwaukee Rail Road Ridecamp.

There is no trail through Ellensburg, so we parade through town with a police escort!

I figure we blocked traffic for about a mile.

In camp last night, the charging system on Darlene's trailer started acting up. It now works intermittently. 

Not fixed, sigh.

But when it rains it's still way better than a tent!

I love this man. (And these dogs)

Jim zipped over for a quick visit in Eburg. He hopes to bring me my FIXED truck/trailer next weekend!

On the trail, Eburg to Kittitas

We stopped at the Eagles Club in Kittitas for lunch.

Pulled pork sammie. Yessss.

In camp tonight, the Army (they own the land we camp on here) insists that horses be "double tied" for safety.

Fiddle gets hobbled + a pen

Laurie stopped by and took me up to see her place!

Laurie lives about 10 miles from camp. Such a treat to see her, and to finally meet her horse family!

Taco truck came to camp for dinner tonight
Tomorrow we head down to the Columbia River, and I may lose all bars. So, maybe I'll be back online, but maybe not for a week or more.

Go have fun while I'm gone, okay?


  1. Have fun, be safe, and take lots of pictures!

  2. Based on your location I bet that is an authentic Mexican food truck. Lake Chelan was where we found real tacos from a truck. Becky Bean's house was my only other authentic taco experience.

    I'm shaking my head at the paddocks with electric added as the second restraint, because for the most part that's not gonna help. In cases where horses crash through paddocks, a wire wouldn't have changed their minds.


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