In which we build a Peep Tractor, 'till the garden, and battle more vines

Jim built a Peep Tractor!

If you missed the original explanation about Chicken Tractors, it's located here. Today, Jim built a itty-bitty tractor for the Peeps. It is very cute...and quite fascinating not only for the peeps, who love scratching in the dirt with their little feet, but also for people and dogs to watch.

The funniest thing on the face of the earth is watching 4-day-old chicks with a worm: the chick with the worm holds on tight and runs like hell, followed by all the other chicks in a no-holds-barred wormball rugby game. The wormball gets passed around and streeeeetttched very long, and eventually almost all the chicks get a peck at it.
Mimsy's new favorite thing: Peep TV.

Our wonderful neighbor Herb showed up today with his tractor, and rototilled our new garden space!

I could only watch and grin as he turned a grassy yard (yuck) into a wonderful space for all the vegetables to grow.

Look how straight the lines and square the corners are--I don't think I could do this with a ruler and a protractor, and he did it with a TRACTOR. That is just so cool.

Willy and I decided to extricate some of the t-posts from the Great Blackberry Vine Wilderness this afternoon.

At one point I dropped the t-post puller, and lost a very essential pin. Fortunately, the pin attaching the utility trailer to the riding lawnmower is EXACTLY the right size! My mom, Queen of Making Do, will be so proud.

We also used a junk wheel (found deep in the weeds) as a platform to stand on while chopping vines. "Make do," Mom says, and I do it.

It was hard work, and hot, too--Luna insisted on sharing my water bottle.

At the end of the day, I spend a little time watching Peep TV.


  1. !
    awesome little chick'ies.
    I've never heard of a chicken tractor...what an interesting concept:)

  2. oh, what fun you're having now!

    keep your eyes back from the chicken wire! mimsy's eyes are safe, but her nose is in the danger zone!



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