In which I am an opportunistic heliophile in winter

It's been five days, and the sky is still blue and full of sunshine.
I went up to the North Swamplands to visit my family for the day. I am genetically disposed for opportunistic heliophila--my mom and dad love to be out in the sunshine as much as I do--especially in the winter!
Luna isn't much of an athlete, so Mom and I took her and Mimsy on a walk on a nice flat trail at Tennant Lake park.
Don't let the waves of golden grain fool you--this grass is growing in 2 feet of standing swampwater. The trail is built up so that it stays dry (mostly).
We didn't actually walk on the trail in the photo (above), because it was under a lot of water. I took the photo from the top of this observation tower:
At the foot of the tower is a fragrance garden designed for the blind--very cool and also very pretty.
Later in the afternoon, Mimsy and I still had some energy to burn, so the two of us ran up the Fragrance Lake trail up the side of Chuckanut Mountain (yet another hill named "mountain" isn't really a proper mountain that erupts or has snow).

Such pretty trails! Uphill....ooof.

You know, if you stop and take photos of the dog in the middle of an uphill pitch, nobody will think you're slacking. Huff, puff, huff, puff.

These trees have grown all over this big rock.

Huff, puff. I should take a few more photos of the cool trees, I think. Huff, puff.

Top of the hill, there's a viewpoint:
overlooking Chuckanut Bay and out into Puget Sound.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is RAIN. I'm not surprised--it is February, of course. I'll just be happy if it just rains and doesn't turn to anything colder or whiter for the rest of the winter!


  1. We're supposed to get snow, but so far, I'm not seeing it. I don't really care, at this point, because the end result is the same -- more mud.

  2. Your photo's are beautiful - such a lovely part of the world you live in. Loved the ones of the old, gnarled trees ... bet they could tell a story or two !

  3. Cool photos - thanks - it's nice to see something that isn't covered by snow!

  4. Adorable blog!! Enjoyed my visit.



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