In which the Middle Swampland County Road Crew brings a toy for the goats

The road crew has been working along our road this week, clearing out ditches and taking down trees and branches that compromise the road.
We don't have any such trees on our perimeter, but our neighbors do. When the trucks stopped at the neighbors' driveway and started taking down branches, I walked over to say hello...and to ask for some of the chipped wood they were creating from the scraps of trees.

"Sure" said the guy, and I showed him where to dump the woodchips.
When I got home last night, there was a gigantic pile of FREE woodchips by the pasture gate. Hurray!
The goats immediately claimed the pile as their very own toy."Oh, hey, this toy tastes terrific!"
"Whaddaya mean, I'm not supposed to eat it? I'm a goat. I eat stuff like this."

"...and stuff like this..."

"...and possibly, even...

...stuff like this!"

To a goat, the whole world is a playground, and everything we do is just adding toys to it.

Life is good.


  1. Lucky you to get free wood chips. I can smell them from here. Heck, my two piggy ponies would be trying to eat them. "The world is my smorgasbord."

  2. this post made me want goats more than anything prior.


    anyway, i found a nice kludge for you today, that made me LOL.

    my man insists that we keep his encyclopedia set, even though when will we ever crack one open?

    i am old enough to remember writing my school papers using them.

    i was reading recently that "ask a librarian" is a nationwide service - is that so? (then someone said it is only in california)


  3. Award awaits you over on my blog!

  4. Oh....I think I hate you (*wink*) there is absolutely not one white flake of dreadful snow in ANY OF THESE pictures. ~E.G.

  5. @LeahFry: apparently, all you have to do to get the woodchips is stop by wherever they are working and ask! who knew?

    @lytha: nice kludge.
    KCLS has "chat w/a librarian", and a toll-free AnswerLine. Next month (I think), we'll be adding a "text a librarian" service. We're still testing it.

    @Kate: thanks for the award! I'll put it on my page this weekend!

    @Endurance Granny: nope, no sn*w. Lotsa rain. Lotsa mud. Want some?

  6. No worries, this snow is going to eventually melt...then it will be mud for the next six months.


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