In which I'm sorry for Lytha, because the sky is very BLUE here!

It's true what we say in the Swamplands: into each life a little mud must fall.

So, although the sky was blue, the trail near the parkinglot was still pretty mucky. We are Swamplanders, though: mud does not frighten us. We went through it, and up the hill:
Dry(er) ground! And more blue sky.

Poor Lytha in Germany is still buried in sn*w, but here in the Swamp it seems like the very first edges of Spring are becoming visible.

Of course, it is only February, and I'm knocking wood like crazy the whole time I'm writing this post. Weather here can change overnight...daytime temps in the 60's today does not preclude pouring rain or worse tomorrow. (The forecast for the next few days says "partly sunny" though). My fingers remain crossed.
Fiddle is beginning to regret growing a yak-esque fur coat this winter, especially when we are out on the trail!

I took the wrist-top GPS this time, instead of the hand-held. It reported that we covered 13.5 miles, although we probably actually went a bit farther than that because the GPS signal is weak when we are in the trees.
However, when Jim tried to load our track onto the mapping software, it reported that we travelled from the Tree Farm here in the Swamplands to a small island off the coast of Ghana, West Africa. And back.

I thought that was pretty impressive for a trotting horse in less than three hours! No wonder her face got sweaty.

What is this creature, under the tree?
A Heffalump, perhaps? They have Heffalumps in Ghana, right?

Oh, wait. We didn't really go to Ghana. We're still in the Swamplands. So it's probably just a young deer. Cancel Red Alert.
On the way back to the trailer, I saw ShadowFiddle and ShadowAareneX riding along beside us. We like riding with them--they make us both feel tall and slender.
They are really LOUD, though. I know Fiddle and I aren't really that noisy, so it must be the shadows making all the racket.

Clop clop clop clop, ching ching ching ching.
Life is good!


  1. thanks for taking me along on a sunny trailride! i love the perfect shadow trot movie, wow!


  2. Lovely ride! No rides here :( - all snow, ice and cold.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Ghana and never knew it was just a 13 mile jog away! Perhaps you have a tunnel through space there!!!

  4. Rain and more rain and lotsa mud here. Glad you and Fiddle had a nice outing.

  5. Hey, you go tink-tink-tink too! Dixie's halter has a jingly ring on it that tink-tink-tinks. It makes different noises depending on what gait she's using. :)

    Love the deer! Ghana is beautiful this time of year. ;)

  6. Your photo's are lovely - what a pretty part of the world you live in ! How funny that you walked to West Africa & back ... and in such a short time, too ! Thanks for all your comments on my blog.
    Bye for now
    Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa


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