In which I enjoy a sunny day with my favorite Fiddle-girl

Sure, there's tons of work that needs to be done around the Farm.

But the sky will only be blue for a limited time.

Here in the Swamp, summer is beautiful but short. Autumn is also beautiful, but sometimes even shorter.

I've written before about the un-official motto of Haiku Farm: "Memento Hiber!"

That's the reason that, yesterday afternoon, I went out with Fiddle to soak in a few hours of blue skies. The memories will keep me warm all winter long.

(fairy nests in bloom)

(the local snack bar--ripe blackberries for me...
...and young blackberry leaves for my noble steed)
Life is just fine.


  1. Fffff, "memento hiber" just reminds me that George RR Martin is never going to finish that series he started. But what a beautiful ride!

  2. Lovely! I'll keep your motto in mind!

  3. I know how short our summers are to get in some trail riding. Unfortunately we have had a very short summer. I hope we get a decent fall, going trail riding on a cool, crisp day sounds lovely right now!

  4. I covet those blackberries -- a pie is calling my name.


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