In which I'm home from the hills and Fiddle flies around a small pasture

When Fiddle and I go visit Sky and Cricket (and Cricket's Arab/Standie daughter Trinket), I have my own room to stay in on the inside, and Fee has her own pasture to stay in on the outside.
I'll post lots of photos and stories from our trip to Waldo Lake soon. In the meantime, here are some pretty pictures of Fiddle in motion. Notice that in some photos, Hank the dog is helping to keep her motivated. Fiddle doesn't like dogs at all, and Hank is mostly smart enough to stay on the safe side of the fence.

Isn't she pretty? And so much fun to ride!

Sky is a fabulous artistand she wanted some good photos to paint.

I think this one is the best:

Look Ma: no feet onna ground!

Stay tuned for more reports from the Good Life.


  1. O M G she is just amazingly shiny! Beautiful, beautiful girl.

    Is that an ID tag braided in her mane?

  2. Beautiful photos - that's quite a trot she has going in most of them!

  3. Not just shiny, but all around VERY fit! Beautiful girl!

  4. Beautiful photos. Fiddle looks great!

  5. What a beauty!!
    Will you two be doing any more endurance rides this year?
    I hope to make it to a couple more with Dazzby, just got back in the saddle today for the first time in one month (due to broken toe:( ) I missed several rides that I was so looking forward to.
    Hope to see you guys out there soon!
    Karen W.

  6. when people cross reference the word "fit" in the book of idioms, they get these pics of fiddle.

    gorgeous mare! aren't you glad you took a chance on her!


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