In which Willy returns home from his wilderness adventures--hooray!

Willy is back home again, after five weeks of working with the Northwest Youth Corps, on the North 4 "Red" crew.
They saw some amazing stuff.
They worked really hard.
The weather was not always cooperative.
They got plenty tired.
They had plenty fun.

They made good friends.

Willy learned some stuff.

...and he brought his knowledge home.


  1. please tell willy how impressed i am. he's done so much for washington state in such a short time. not just this trip but the ride prep you've included him in.

    actually just yesterday i was wondering what was up with willy!

    i hope he made some lasting friends. i imagine his english is so good now.

  2. oh, i forgot to add that my guests were wondering what kind of saddle you ride in and we did a search on your blog (i remember you'd mentioned it before) but couldn't find the answer. so....what kind of saddle do you ride in?


  3. LYTHA: It's a Specialized Saddle.
    Link to my discussion of the saddle:

    Link to the manufacturer:

    I really strongly recommend buying this saddle through a dealer rather than directly from Dave Kaden in Texas. It doesn't cost any extra to the buyer and the dealer can deal with all the details that go astray, which they tend to do with this saddle company. Link to the list of US dealers :

    Hope that helps!

  4. yes that helps very much cuz brandi's looking right now: )


    i do think it's lovely and i like that it puts you in the standing position, but with total leg freedom. and to me, anything that resembles a mcclellan is a good thing!

  5. Making a difference and bringing home's making me all fuzzy. sniff sniff. What a great kid!

  6. I've heard such good stories about those type of wilderness trail building adventures - I suspect Willy will always remember this summer! I'm so glad he had a great time and came home safe.


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