In which I share a nice story about a standie happy ending

There's still stuff trying to happen here at the farm, and I'm not deliberately being vague, I promise...but until stuff actually DOES happen, I need to "tread water" online for another day or so. Sorry, friends and readers!

In the meantime, let me share a story that I found linked on the "Now THAT'S a Trot" blog.

This is Matt:
On the racetrack, Matt was called "Asamatteroffact", and he did just fine there: 176 starts, $286,628 in earnings and a mark of 1:50.3z. Come retirement time, the price for this horse was $330. Such a low price can obviously result in a one-way ticket on the meat truck to Canada, if not for Ellen Harvey and her friends.

This group of folks, who call themselves "The Starfish Stables" (after a story that you can read online here) get together periodically and buy up standardbreds to rehabilitate and rehome.


Here's Ellen's article about Matt and the other "starfishes." I hope you smile as much when you read it as I did when I read it.

And hey. If you're looking for your next horse and want something from Team Sensible, just give me a holler.

I'm sure I can help you find something stylish and brown that will fit you just fine.


  1. He's beautiful, and it's nice to hear about those happy endings!


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