In which a blogfriend comes to visit and we compare notes about stuff

lytha and her man from the horsecrazyamerican blog have come from Germany to visit friends and family in the Swampland!

Just before they came here, they finished building their modular barn for much-loved Baasha, so they wanted to see our modular barn-in-progress, Our conversations are truly specialized and geekazoidal: the techniques of hoisting roofing materials up onto the top of the building...the reasons for selecting clear plastic roofing in some parts of the building (but not others)...the texture of hay. You know. Horse stuff.

lytha is a bit intimidated by chickens, but she agreed to feed the Minerva Louises from the "safe" side of the fence.
She thought the goats were much cuter than the chickens.
Quit taking pictures, lady! Pet my head instead!
Speaking of petting...
...Puzzle thinks that you should stop paying attention to everybody else.
Petting the cat is clearly the most important thing.


  1. That is so neat that lytha came for a visit. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. haha! Isn't that just like cats....always having to be the center of attention, on their terms.

    Sounds like a fun visit :)


  3. Nice that lytha's getting around to visit fellow bloggers!

  4. I'm so glad she got to visit you! I was starting to worry :o

  5. Hi! to Lytha and her man. Glad to see she got to visit.
    Also--that barn's lookin' good! Who get shelter first, the animals? or the hay?

    wv = jolloo = the bathroom on the pirate ship (Jolly Roger? Get it?)

  6. Glad to see that lytha made it to your place. With all her family obligations I was wondering if she would. I know her list of priorities was quite different that her families and she was having trouble getting in those things important to her.

    The barn is looking good. That's very cool!

  7. So jealous you guys got to hang out!


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