In which I engage in a little dreamin' and cloud-castle building

All the leaves are brown
All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
And the sky is grey...
I've been for a walk
I've been for a walk
On a winter's day
On a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California Dreamin' on such a winter's day...

Clearly, I'm not just dreaming of California (although if somebody wants to send gas money and an entry fee to Warner Springs for next weekend, let me know...I'd love to go there).

Winter is a good time for all kinds of cloud-castle building. Some day, I want to travel Kenya and ride horses there. My parents will be visiting Tanzania next month, and apparently there are plenty of opportunities for riding adventures there.

My folks will also be visiting Egypt while they're on the far side of the globe.

If I went to Egypt, I could visit Maryanne Stroud Gabbani, who lives and works and rides horses there! Wouldn't THAT be a fine cure for the winter doldrums?

Alas, my parents are not riders. And I'm not going with them on their adventure, either...but it got me thinking: where in the world would I go and ride if time and money were not a problem?

I'd go to Iceland! And Mongolia!
Where would you go?

Who would you take along?


  1. Have you seen Mike Sherrell's trip report from the Marwari horse fair in India? I'd sure love to see that. And didn't Stephanie just go to Easter Island for an endurance-ish ride? I'd love to go to South America too - Brazil or Argentina.

    I'd take my husband, if there was internet to keep him busy. And if I won the lottery and could take whoever I wanted, I'd drag you or Crysta or D & DP along. I'd miss my own little patch of (thoroughly frozen) heaven a lot though.

  2. I've always wanted to do one of those riding vacations - particularly Iceland, or maybe Spain!

  3. We don't ride, but we've been to lots of places that would be neat...Don't forget Australia. OUr friends in Egypt are learning to ride camels...we might try that, but in Tanzania, I think we'll stick to the land rovers. Mom

  4. I would go to Ireland. And, I would take my Best Beloved. And do not forget the red suspenders!

    WV=virimonc. An unfortunate condition for one so celibate.

  5. The African horse tours are top of my list.

    Also... Australia.

    More realistically, my goal is to compete with Ozzy in Canada. Make him international :-P

  6. Amazing safari video! Though that would (surprisingly) not be my first choice. Riding a horse I don't know around lions, hippos, elephants, and galloping wildebeats - I would find that incredibly exciting and terrifying. I can see why they "brought" the extra horse along.

    I would love to ride in the Sierra Nevada's, canyon country, the Black hills, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Swampland...

    Okay, I'd like to ride EVERYWHERE. With the exception of Times Square.

  7. I don't really want to travel unless it involves horses so I've done lots of thinking of places I could go that would be awesome horse trips. There really are lots of wonderful places and someday I might just get the opportunity, who knows.

  8. about that iceland trip - they turn the herd loose to run with the riders so the riders can easily switch mounts. i would love to run with a herd like that.

    i've already ridden in australia, they let you go fast in english saddles, i was thrilled.

    in germany the horses are all too big.

    ireland seems nice but the more i see of it the more i think we're living there now, landscape-wise.

    so i need to meet someone who's actually done the iceland riding tour. there are two icelandic stables near me, i hope to talk to one of those people.

    i'd like to go to america and follow a wild herd of horses on horseback. ok that's probably not allowed so i'll have to pick cattle. a real cattle drive sounds awesome to me, encompassing weeks, not days.



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