In which we see some unusual sights, and name the newest Pirate

Our Fishy Friends were impeded in their efforts to ride today by several things: Katie got a job, (hooray!) Dory's horse lost a shoe (boooooo!) and Patty and Sirie got run over by the Snot Fairy (ewwwww!)
But the newest addition to the Pirate Nation Endurance Riders team did join me! Connie's mare Khari supposedly has a lot of the same grouchy-bitchy issues that Fiddle has. Harumph. Fiddle says, when it comes to being a g-b, Khari is an amateur.

Falling asleep at the trailer....

At the top of our picture-taking hill.

We could see the Olympic Mountains from our vantage point, but the camera doesn't show them very well. We actually had some blue sky (!!!) as well.
Further along the trail, a big honkin' clearcut and Lake McMurray in the distance

(the lake is under the handle of Connie's crop)

See? Khari is falling asleep again!

I've seen this lovely sculpture before, but the last time I was here, the "monument" rocks weren't.

Yeah, I guess it's been a while!

Fiddle had some doubts about the sculpture.

but the view from the monument hill
is fabulous (can you see the mountains now? sorta?)

On the way back to the trailer, we got a tad bewildered.

Connie called a friend who knows these trails, described where we'd been and the landmarks around us, and pretty soon we were back on track!

This, however, has led to the Official Naming of the Newest Pirate. Ladies and gentlemen and Pirates, please welcome:


Here's where we were. If you biggify the image, you can see the part where we unintentionally added a few miles!

Life. If you're on a horse and it's not raining, it's good.


  1. Yay, sounds like a great ride! Lovely pics.

  2. so this is the horse she talked about in the equus letter!

  3. Thank goodness for cell phones. You might have added many more miles to that lovely walkabout.

  4. lol! That last sentence cracked me up. It hasn't rained here since last August.
    And we've only had a few minor snowfalls. Skies are bright blue and sunny, but we're so dry!

    Khari is beautiful, though I don't know how those who live in PNW are able to keep a white horse clean with all that messy weather.

    Looks like a fun ride and I like how you were able to track it on the map.


  5. Sorry it was the wrong right! :-) We had fun!

  6. Stunning views! Jealous of your ride time and weather. Can I be an honorary Pirate? LOL.


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