In which Fiddle didn't tell me about this, and Becky makes me laugh

Y'all remember Becky, right? 
Becky, who is constantly whining about her sad pathetic horseless life in a climate that Swamplanders pay big-bucks admission to dream about?

Well, apparently Becky and Fiddle had an adventure, and Fee didn't bring  back a single picture to share with me--I had to read it on Becky's blog.

Go there now.  (Here's the link)

Maybe don't go there right now if you are at work, or in an otherwise quiet environment
(like the --ahem-- library). 
If you are at work or at the library, go there later. 

But, go there.

And be prepared to Laugh. Your. Butt. Right. Off.

(You should see me right now:  at the library, hands clamped over my mouth, butt entirely gone.  
It's a sad, sad sight)


  1. That was priceless!!!! I laughed so hard, loved it. You hadn't told us about Fiddles love of drive thru!

  2. The only thing I have to say is shame on her for buying Fee junk food.

  3. Hilarious. Love it. Wish she'd borrowed Ozzy!

  4. CG:Fiddle loves any food that won't easy her first, including drive-thru.

    Leah: if it vits into her mouth, it isn't "junk", according to Fee!

    Dom:maybe you should "ride" Oz next time you borrow a horse...?

  5. Won't EAT her first. Stupid keyboard.You


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