In which Willy and Lisa and Hana show their stuff (in a lesson!)

(My apologies for crummy photo/video quality in this post--somehow I left home without my camera and had to rely on my phone)
The kids had a half-day at school yesterday, and I had the day off, and Dory wasn't off at some show or we got ourselves in for a riding lesson.  (Jim had to work, poor thing!)
 Lisa is getting the hang of posting the trot, and Guy is the soul of patience with beginning riders. 
If Guy figures the rider can't handle a trot, he Will. Not.  Do.  It.  As the rider skill level improves, he will expend more energy to give a good ride. Yes, I know:  Guy is worth GOLD.
 Dory worked with Willy on steering, posting on the correct diagonal, and controlling the speed of Boogie, who is Nikki's endurance horse. 

I brought Hana as my own mount--Fiddle is still on time-off following the Mt Adams ride--and worked with her for a while.  Then, Dory told us that she thought that Willy could probably handle riding we swapped steeds!

Hana has a tendancy to "take advantage" (read: "run away with") green riders, so it was really great to see her behaving properly with a not-so-green rider!  I took the video while sitting on Boogie in the middle of the area, and can't help noticing what a lousy tripod he makes.  Fiddle has excellent tripod skills, and I'll be glad to get back on her tomorrow!

After the lesson, we took the horses out for a teeny-little trail ride. 
Lisa was pretty sure that we travelled about 20 miles. 
My internal GPS clocked about one mile, 'round trip. 

But hey:  the sun was shining.
The kids were happy to be out.  The ponies were happy to be out.
...and you already know this part:
Life is good.


  1. Lovely to see Willy and Lisa riding. Are you going to have to consider the addition of more equines to the family?

  2. Cool! Shall I expect to see Willy and Lisa out on the endurance trail sometime in the future?

  3. Looks like fun! And some terrific, kind horses for everyone, too.

    But OMG, if my mare had been there, her eyes would have bugged out and her tongue would have dropped at the site of all that tall green grass. Woweeee! Was it hard to keep the horses from burying their heads in all that green goodness?


  4. Great pics..the kids look like pros


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