In which it's a little bit too easy, being green in the Swamplands

For the second day in a row, it didn't rain!  

No worries, though:  we don't declare a drought in the Swamplands until the skies are dry for more than 4 days.  We are currently at 32 hours, and the sky is starting to fill with clouds again.

Fee and I hit the trails while the sky was still on top where it belongs.

 I've taken "trotting video" on this trail before, but now the grass and leaves are all GREEN!  

Speaking of green-ness:  the trees are green.  The leaves are green.  The grass is green.  And my TRAILER is green.   You think I'm kidding, about mold growing on anything/anybody that stands still for a few minutes. 

I'm not kidding.
 Time to wash the horse trailer!
 Smudge-y bits around the light, the label, and the latch.  All GREEN.   Ewww.
 There's even green growing around the purple flames!  That is so, so wrong.
 Half-clean, so you can see the difference.  Who thought up the whole concept of white horse trailers, anyhow?  Clearly, not somebody from 'round here.  Swamplanders would build a trailer and paint that baby greenish-brown. 
 All clean now!   I know lytha is probably cringing, because she washes her car--and her horse--every time they leave the property.  My life doesn't contain that much spare time.   I have enough time to wash my trailer frequently or ride my horse frequently.   We all know what my choice is! 

(but sometimes even I get grossed out by the green stuff and have to clean it off!)
 There.  It's clean.  The next time it leaves the property, it will get muddy, and within a month or two, that green stuff will start growing on it again.  At least I've got a picture of what the rig looks like when it's clean!


  1. heee heee heee!
    I've scheduled the weekend after next for my horse trailer green-off!!
    Unfortunately the truck is a matching shade of mold all over one whole side.
    I briefly considered trading it in but I can't afford it, guess I'm stuck washing it again this year :)

  2. Don't wash it!!! It will rain!!! :-)

  3. Ewwwww indeed! That green stuff is gross. Love Fiddle's ears in the trot video.

  4. my trailer was green when i got it (both of my trailer were but on white it really shows). i even found grass growing under the hay bag.

    my man just pressure washed the cellar stairs (outdoor) that were so coated in dark green moss that i had no idea what color the steps are.

    it's a lot less dangerous to decend the steps now. as annoying as moss/slime/algae is, i prefer it to desert and prairie. as far as i know western washington does not have dust storms.

    we just had 20 short minutes of rain and now the sky is blue and the sun is shining again - *shakes head*. we need at least a day of steady rain to reach the tree roots. a german friend of ours is visiting seattle this week and we really hoped he'd be able to see the mountain - will he?

  5. CG: so I'll see you at Mt Adams with a greenish trailer?

    Hoge: uh. Too late?

    Funder: you can't imagine how gross it is IRL.

    Lytha: mountain, unlikely. Unless he drives to the mountain to see small bits up close. I can only see the bottom 40' of the mountain in our backyard...the remaining 80% are cloud-socked. Sigh.

  6. I sent this post to my horse friend in Bakersfield--- I'm still chuckling about the idea of a trailer growing moss on it.

    BTW-- is it really that odd for it not to rain more than two days in a row? That's crazy. How do you keep the horses from standing knee-deep in mud?

  7. Wow! Such a nice fast trot.
    No problems with mold growing here. No green either. Too dry. What we do have is dust. I bet dust is great mold control. lol!


  8. YUK! We have the opposite problem. It's dry, dry, dry. Tires crack, paint cracks, wood cracks.


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