In which Hallowe'en is the best time of year: outfits on dogs and goats!

I do this every year.
Princess Mimsy Springwater
Mimsy is the dog who has been around the longest, and she clearly has "resignation" on her face. 
"Soon, Mama will take off the stupid wings and give me a cookie."
Luna loves to play dress-up.  Also:  I cannot take an unflattering picture of her.  It's impossible.  She is always pretty, always smiling beautifully (if somewhat vaguely) at the camera.
Princess Luna Balloona Fish
How can anybody look pretty while dressed as a shark?  And yet, she does.

Pickles is new to the costuming traditions of Haiku Farm.  She didn't mind the ladybug jacket, but she couldn't wait to get that hat off of her head.
"Soon, Mama will take off the hat and throw it so I can fetch it for her!"
(The fairy-princess collar covers up some of the places where her hair isn't all grown in yet.)
Princess Pickles Marie
Together, they are lovely little flowers in their pretty outfits.  And yes, I did have a cookie for each of them when the photo shoot was finished.

"She has a cookie, and she will share with us.  We know this.
But the scene-stealers, as always, are the goats:

What's funnier than a goat?  A goat in drag!

One of Cinderella's stepsisters, perhaps?

"I'll eat your costume, if you eat mine!"  Words fail me, really.
Do you have your costume ready for tomorrow?  I want to see it! 

Post on your blog, or send me a link and I'll post it here!
The tiger costume is always popular, but we had to explain the concept of "hillbilly."
Apparently, they don't have hillbillies in Korea.  Huh.  Who knew?

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!


  1. ahahahaha I'm laughing so hard I'm crying from the goats. I feel so much better about a little spray paint on my longsuffering pony now!

  2. It bothers me that every part of the hillbilly costume is in my closet at this moment, and that I'm pretty sure I've warn it the exact same way at least once or twice.

    Mimsy does look resigned - her expression made me LAUGH.

  3. Becky, do not feel concern. The only parts of the hillbilly costume that did not come from Will's closet were the hat and bandanna. Those came from mine.

  4. Haha, love the costumes! I wish I were dressing my boys up this year. Had an idea, just no way to execute... Ah well. Next time!

    Happy Hallowe'en!


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