In which the weather isn't abysmal yet, and I make a new word

The weather here in the Swamp could, and probably will, fall apart at any moment following the first of September. 
Some years we get sunshine interspersed with light rain through the end of October, but it's also possible to get sunshine interspersed with sn*w and plagues of frogs anytime after the equinox, so every moment of non-catastrophic climate is a moment to celebrate.

 By now, I'm sure you can figure out how we like to celebrate:
 Oh, yeah. 
Patty and Sirie and I were so glad to be outside in the sunshine!  The horses liked it, too.

Saturday, it rained all day, and I was assigned (by my employer) to spend the day at the Northwest Bookfest, a sort of uber-geekfest for fans of the printed page.  My boss was pretty sure that, because I was on company time, I would be spending the day in a completely non-equine environment.

Imagine my delight when I saw this booth in the vendor area:
 Cute, much?  Now everytime I look at my horse trailer I will want to go riding and I will want a donut.  Not a great fitness strategy, but think of all the happy thoughts...

Inside Bookfest:
Authors, author-wannabees, and lots of readers.  It's not a bad way to spend a day that is full of dumping rain.

But didn't rain!   C'mon Duana, scrape the mud off that pony and let's go for a ride!

Not exactly blue skies overhead, but I'm not complaining about any October weather that isn't "monsoonic." 

(I'm not sure that's a word, but after our experience in the dumping rain at the Bare Bones ride last month, I'm going to submit "monsoonic" as a new word for the dictionary).

It wasn't monsoonic while we were on the trail.  There was some mud, but not a bunch yet.  Hana and Du haven't been out much lately, so we did a medium-slow ride: 13 miles, lots of walking and a bit of trot/canter...Fee barely broke a sweat. 
When Fiddle was in front, she kept the pace deliberately slow so that Hana could keep up.  The air temps are getting cooler, the clouds are flying lower.  Winter is almost here...but not quite.
Life is good!

(addendum:  about an hour ago, it started raining monsoonically.  Ah, well.)


  1. Did you hear it?!?!?
    I woke up the entire household. I figured out my retirement job. All thanks to you!

    On top of my trailer, there will be a giant donut and a carrot. (So everyone can have sustenance!),

    Can you imagine meeting THAT after every ride? OOooooooo....I'm gonna be popular too!
    (FYI, if your page suddenly gets an extra 1000 hits, it's me, looking at the pic again.)

    Monsoonic should definitely be a word, we can definitely get it in the dictionary by usage. Surely there will be folks who experience monsoonic environments who will join the movement!

  2. Everytime you post a picture of Fiddle with an empty saddle I get the biggest urge to sneak over and hop on.


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