In which it's beginning to look a lot like...TIME TO SCARE YOUR HAIR OFF!

I'll be awake early on Sunday morning, getting ready for the annual KSER SCARY STORIES RADIO SHOW.  Y'all are invited to listen in!
Okay.  The kids aren't very scary.  But our stories really are!
Here's the link:   Click the "Listen Now!" button in the upper left corner of the screen, and then sit back to enjoy some of our favorite stories of the year. 

Our show broadcasts live on Sunday mornings from 9 to 11am Swampland Time.   If you oversleep or are busy fighting off zombies or something on Sunday morning, there is now an ARCHIVE feature available that stores two weeks worth of programming online.  Click here, or find the "Radio Re-Player" button on the station website.

If you need some scary stories right this instant, you can find a couple on this blog:

Devilment - a story about a farmer, a horse, and...something wicked.

The Dare (or, Why I Became a Storytelling Librarian) - an old story told to me by one of the scariest people I've ever known:  my elementary-school librarian.

See ya on the radio!


  1. Oh yeah...Those kids are REALLY scary!
    Went back and re-read both stories--liked them the first time, liked them again. Thanks!


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