In which Fiddle returns home, and there is another nice quiet day

Two days after surgery, we got the call: "She's doing fine, come get her."

Fiddle seemed quite pleased to be back at home, in her own stall again.
Back in her own stall, eating her own (boring) hay
When she figured out that the feed was soaked hay + beetpulp, she was unenthused...but agreed to eat what we'd provided.

Later in the afternoon, I set up her "lawn-mowing paddock", and she spent about an hour (enthusiastically) eating fresh grass.
We can move this paddock around the yard so she can spend time eating fresh grass each day.  

The enclosure is small enough that she doesn't really have room to misbehave.  Also, she's very familiar with it, because she lives in it whenever we are in a ridecamp, so she doesn't mess around: she walks in and immediately starts eating.
Ride side incision, Spay Day +2
 Her incision sites are a little puffy today, which appears to be leftover air (from the surgery).  There is no heat and no seeping, and she doesn't mind if I touch them.
Left side incision, Spay Day +2

She's "careful" still about the way that she moves--she would like to roll, but gets down to her knees and then decides that getting down and up again won't be worth it.  When I see her do that, I get out the brushes and give her hide a vigorous scrubbing, which she appreciates.

The vet sent home enough doses of Banamine (pain killer) and TMS tablets (antibiotics) to last a few days.  

She will be confined to her stall (and the lawn-mowing paddock) for about 10 days, until the staples are removed.  After that, we'll gradually move her into confinement in stall + paddock, followed by a slow release onto pasture and back into saddle work.  

The goal is to have her working again in time to do trail-building work before the Renegade Rendezvous ride in late June...and then, if all goes well, she and I will sign up to do the ride, too!


  1. She looks good! Especially 'cause we're seeing her AT HOME! Is she itchin' at the stitchin'? Are your bugs out yet? Will she need a fly sheet? Or an E-collar? ;-D

    1. Itchin: nope, not that I can tell. Her FACE is itchy b/c she is shedding.

      Bugs: we've got 'em, big and small. They don't bother her much in the stall, but I'll have to drench her in toxins when she's out on the lawn. I don't have a fly sheet big enough for her, and I don't think they MAKE dragon-proof E-collars! >g<

  2. Glad she's doing well and is home again . . .

    1. Wow, those incisions look like they're healing well!

      Do you have to keep any bandage or anything on them at night?

      So, exactly what did they do in the surgery, was it like having her "tubes tied" or was something actually removed?

    2. Nope, no more bandages. And the ovaries are GONE! Hallelujah, amen.

  3. I'm with Karen, Incisions look really Good! Nice & clean!


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