In which I take a lot of "ears at the bottom" pix to tide me through

Fee's spay surgery is scheduled for a week from today...and now the reality is starting to sink in:  

I won't be able to ride her for a month.  

A month.  In springtime.   

It's entirely possible that I could die from lack of dragontime.
Springtime in the Swampland:
Salmonberries are flowering, alder trees are budding
I've got to prepare myself by advance innoculation!
Duana understands the need for on-the-horse-time. 
In other words:  I've gotta get out and ride while I still can.

Even in the rain, obviously.

Long raincoat w/hood that fits over a helmet.
Purple gortex rain chinks.
Synthetic half-chaps.
Waterproof, insulated boots.

Even when rain isn't actively falling, the foliage is very wet.
My camera decided spontaneously to shoot one photo from inside a raindrop:

I wish I knew what happened in this photo so I could do it again.
But the remainder of the pictures are pretty normal...and many feature the classic "ears at the bottom" we all love so much.

Here, Hana shows how deep the mud is on a short pony:
White socks?  What white socks?
The mud doesn't seem nearly so dramatic on a long-legged dark-brown horse.  So I took more pictures of dragon ears instead.
Dragon ears in shade.

Dragon ears in sunshine.
And a little video.  I think I'm going to put this video on "continuous loop" for a month until Fee is able to return to work.

Sunday is the last "riding day" on the calendar before the surgery.  

I think we'll make it a long one.


  1. The DragonMonkey is obsessed with your video---he wants to watch it over and over.

    Good luck on surviving the no riding for a month - that's gotta be tough!

  2. Great video, happy Dragon ears. In the picture of your rain gear, she looks extra huge and you look extra tiny (even with all the gear on), I love it. Good luck to you and Miss Fiddle, I'm sure it won't be long before she is back on her (less marish) feet!

  3. Happy thoughts to Fiddle on her day of surgery. This is going to be a great weekend for riding! Sunshine, yay! So after Fiddles surgery she wont be The Dragon anymore...will she then become a Fire Lizard?

  4. I was thinking just this when you mentioned the spay. OMG she's gonna lay her horse up for surgery in the springtime? What about riding? But you can ride Hanna, right? Or don't you do that?


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