In which Madeline's pup comes for a visit and we reveal her name

Ryan delivered a horse to Fish Creek Farm this morning, so he brought along Madeline's Puppy so we could tell her how adorable she is!

"G'head.  Tell me I'm cute...or get away from the truck."
Really, REALLY adorable!
"This iz my best side:  my OUTside!"
The weather was...typical....
Have I mentioned that I really like the Carhartt rain parka?
but the puppies didn't mind.
Dory's pup Poppy meets Maddie's pup
There was puppy fluffiness everywhere.   And now, it's time to reveal the name of the puppy.

Maddy wants us to name her "Paisley", which is a nice name. 

However, Maddy lives 3,000 miles away.  And Ryan and I like to tweak her sometimes. 


We named the (puppy) Monkey Jack.
A few seconds of charming puppy time: 

Visible in this quick bit of film:  Monkey Jack (of course), her sister Poppy, her mum Bailey, and Jessie the farm dog, plus some various legs, feet, and pieces of farm equipment.

Not pictured:  the rain.

It's good to run into a barn on a day like today.  It's good, it's good, it's good.


  1. Is there something on FIRE in the background of the Carhartt snuggle pic? How can this be? Fire puts out water, like rock breaks scissors. I'm so confused.

    (She's adorable, lucky Maddie!)

  2. Err. Water puts out fire. In this universe. :headdesk:

    1. Yeah, what you said :-)

      Pouring rain is the best time for a slagburn, b/c they tend to be very smokey. The rain knocks the particles down so all that particulate pollution ends up in the dirt and not in our lungs.

      (Water doesn't put out a slagburn fire. We use accelerants.)

    2. I like my version better. It's all...mystical...and stuff.

  3. Naw, you had it right. In the northwest, fire burns begrudgingly under water. Mystical thing, that.

  4. Puppy!!! That means milk teeth, puppy breath, and wiggly chin licks. *happy sigh*

  5. Cute puppies - makes me want to get a dog again!


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