In which Becky tours the Swampland on horseback, and she says it's "pretty"

As long as I've known her, Becky has been whining whimpering sniveling saying that she desperately wants to go riding.

Becky: "I'm on a horse!"

 So, today Fiddle and Hana and I took her riding!
Note the condition of the pasture <<--the reason Hana is still Fat!
 We drove the rig over to Fat Camp to retrieve Hana, and then headed out to the trailhead.  Hana isn't a beginner's horse, but she is an awesome mount for an experienced rider, so Becky had a good day.  
Give me a break:  it's not THAT far to the top of this horse!
 The sky was that shade of blue that we reserve for tourists.
Great grin
 Once our visitors are convinced that we live in the prettiest place on earth, 
 we call in the clouds and start selling them all sorts of complicated raingear.  
Hana enjoys the view...and the grass

HINT: a person carrying an umbrella is a visitor.  
True Swamplanders don't carry umbrellas.
Most Swamplanders don't even own an umbrella.

Obviously, Becky still needs convincing, because the sky stayed blue all day.
Becky:  "I'm gonna hurt so much tomorrow"
 Becky will probably need to take a few handfuls of ibuprofen if she wants to climb up the stairs to her house tomorrow, because she told me that this was the longest distance she's ridden a horse (just shy of 9 miles)  
Still grinning
but I hope her family is prepared for her conversion to the True Faith:  she wants to ride endurance!

Oh, yes.  You know it:  life is good.


  1. Hana may be short, but that's a big butt to haul all the way into the saddle. When you apply the Heiny-ous Maximus theorem, it's as if I mounted a seventeen hand horse from the ground, so you should applaud rather than mock. Also, holy crap you post (blogs) fast! Also, also, the effect of long rides seems to last longer, because I am STILL smiling.

    1. Yay!

      Also: I have to post fast, before the kids get home from school and start sucking up all the interwebs...

  2. Yay Becky! And yay Aarene for providing such a great introduction to endurance in the PNW.

  3. Well, the Futon and I went just under 8 miles today (3 1/2 hours!) and it was her third ride this week ! (sing it with me: "school's out for the summer!") She was 95% perfect, except for one big ol' temper tantrum, for which I had to whomp on her peach-fuzz butt. (Fee would've approved, but I didn't!) Otherwise it was a good ride!

    Yeah for Becky! Yeah for Hana!

  4. This makes me so happy :) Not used to seeing blue sky from you though. Had to make sure I had the right blog.

    1. I was thinking the same thing :) Aarene... if you and Fiddle ever get to Bend let me know. Would love to ride with you guys!!

  5. Aren't hoodie sweatshirts are the swamplander equivalent to an umbrella?

    I have them in almost every color.

    That's neat you guys got to go out on the trail, so when will we be seeing Becky at her first Endurance ride?

    1. She's coming to (but not competing at) Renegade! You can meet here ARE coming to Renegade, right?

  6. Well, I reserved a bale of hay, so now I for sure have to go, right? Also rode my horse tonight. What a snot. It's like he's had some time off or something...

  7. i can back aarene up - i never owned an umbrella in seattle. the rain isn't the soaking type. here in germany, umbrella!

    that is so cool becky rode with you, and high enough to get to that view!


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