In which Will has successfully navigated the public school system and we are proud

He did it!

Proud paternal photobomber
 It certainly wasn't easy for Will to come to America from Korea at age 16, and improve his English language skills enough to graduate from an American high school...
Ceremony held at Comcast Arena, where we usually go to watch hockey games!
 ...but he did it.  Not only that, he also graduated from Sno-Isle Technical in the dental assistant program!   The dental office where he interned wants to keep him on part-time, at least for a few months, hurrah!
Parting gift for dental students from the Tech school:
a certificate, a flower and a bag of candy.

We are very proud!  

(I think I've used up a year's quota of exclamation points for this post!)


  1. Great happy smiles! Congratulations to Will & his supportive family!

  2. very well done will!

    i'm impressed with his internship - he will be a success in life anywhere he chooses to live if he pursues this. skittles...mmmmmm. don't show me what else was in the sack! does he have a girlfriend or multiple? he looks great in a suit!

  3. Woooo hoooo! Way to go Will!

    You should all be very proud:)


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