In which a dear friend visits the farm, and we meet up for the first time

Becky emailed me yesterday:  
Yes, she's just as dignified and ladylike in person
"When I meet you, I am going to introduce myself, and then you are going to introduce yourself, so I don't slaughter the pronunciation of your name without hearing it first." 

What fun it is to meet dear friends for the first time!

Becky and the Bean, with their offspring the DragonMonkey and the Squidgelet,
meet Dobbie Goat Gruff
 Becky's family came to Haiku Farm this evening to meet my family and play with all the animals.
Goat kisses:  sort of a mixed blessing when they belch apple breath up your nose.
 The chickens were a big hit.
Oh look!  A chicken!
 DragonMonkey took his task of gathering eggs very seriously
 and checked the laying boxes several times to see if more eggs had appeared.
They think the tractor's sexy
 The goats were a huge hit with everyone
Future endurance rider
 The Bean needs 
 a slightly larger mount.

After goat-wrangling, we gathered around the bonfire for hot dogs
 and, uh, piratical beverages.
Bloggers:  without pix, it didn't happen
 Parenting secret revealed here:  
DragonMonkey, outstanding in the field.

A tired child is a happier child.  And the parent of a tired child is a happier parent.  

You heard it here first.  Feel free to quote me.


  1. Our motto around here is "A tired dog is a good dog". Despite not having children, I'm convinced there are many parallels between the two.

  2. Mind = Blown

    Becky's kids must be on some kind of cuteness enhancing drug.

  3. wow those kids were having a blast at your farm!!!

    and the goats seemed to love the attention too.

    i assume that is a homebrew she's drinking? can you describe it?

    i'm so glad you gave those kids such a fun day. a day they won't likely forget.

  4. How fun! And it looks like I get to meet Funder, who is coming down here soon. Must take photos, right? Isn't it an interesting new world...

  5. I want to meet both of you so I'm super jealous.


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