In which Hana shortens herself slightly, and she is fine (but not thin)

Nobody likes getting "those" phone calls, even when the caller reassures us that "she's fine."

Hana:  outstanding in her field.

 Well, she is fine. 

She has not exactly lost a bunch of weight at Fat Camp, but she likes it here.

However, when she was getting new shoes this morning, they noticed that her tail looked....funny.

You can't see it in this photo.
 In fact, the final 2 inches of Hana's tailbone had come OFF!

Yeah, I know:  WHAT?

Torn off?  Ripped off?  Bitten off? 

Nobody knows.  It's one of those Mysterious Horse Injuries. 

She's currently pastured with a gentle elderly gelding,
This is the nice old gelding she lives with now.

after moving (last week) out of the pasture with the Big Jerk. 

We didn't think that the Big Jerk had been eating Hana, but we don't have any other explanation:  there is no blood or tailhair on any fenceposts or grass in her current pasture. 

(slightly icky photo below, hit "page down" to skip it)

So, she really is fine.  It's not in a place on her body that gets held down in the mud, and they dunked it in disinfectant before I showed up.  I'll be checking on her every day.


Meanwhile, here's a nice picture of Dory's puppy.


  1. UHM.


    And I ate someone else's booger once, so I know gross.



  2. Oh DEAR!
    Torn, ripped, bitten....or another possibility: could she hsve gotten something (even her own tail hair) wrapped around it tight enough to cut off the circulation? You know, like those castration band thingies? Though that would take a while, and you guys use Hana pretty regularly, so you would probably have noticed....

  3. Eeek! Horses never cease to amaze me at the creativity they have for self injury. Hope she heals up quickly.

  4. Poppy!!! Great photo as always..thanks!!

  5. Actually, since I've know this mare for nine years now, I could see something was wrong in the second picture. This, by the way, is the same horse who broke a splint bone several years ago, resulting in surgery to fix. I now know that a splint bone looks exactly like the little bone in a chicken leg and costs nearly $2000.

    She is not getting a prosthetic. Not from me, at least. However, her new pirate name could be "Stubby Bad Radish".

  6. It looks like an abcess... Maybe she got a splinter or ingrown hair. Antibiotics would probably fix.

  7. It looks like an abcess. It might be a splinter or an ingrown hair.

  8. Not an abscess. We have the last 2" of tail captured in the trash can. It looks like an orangutan finger. Icky!

  9. Wow. Poor thing. Hope it heals up quickly!
    Adorable puppy!

  10. Well, freeky me was laughing. It is the exact same thing that happened to my first horse. BUT although some people thought that hes tail got bitten of by another horse, the trick was that he was living alone. In Sam's case i found that about 2 inches of his tail had dried out and there was actually tailbone showing. Soon later it peeled of like dead skin, taking some of the hair with it. But more later, some super-cool white hair started growing from my chocolate brown horses tail.


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