In which the bob-tailed nag is still fine, and her injury is still strange

The Usual Suspects adjourned to Fish Creek Farm this afternoon after lunch. 
Dr. Patty inspects The Tail.
The goal:  figure out what the heck Hana did to her tail.

Dr. Patty carefully weighs the physical evidence,
and considers the possibilities before rendering
her professional opinion.
The conclusion: 
Scooby-Doo voice: "Ry Runno"
"It looks like this part is dead, and will probably stay dead."
"Whereas, it looks like this part

Still alive. still alive, and likely to stay alive."

Closer examination of the alive  part:
warning: icky photo next.   Hit PAGE DOWN to avoid the image.

Abbreviated Radish

Slightly less icky photo of the dead part:

It looks exactly like an orangutan finger wearing a hair extension.

The alive part is still very cute.

Barbie Horse: just add flowers and ribbons
and nail polish and perfume and...

Barn friends:

Yes, I am "wearing" the tail piece.  You can play with it when I'm done.

It's good to have 'em.


  1. Where did you find the 'dead' part? Was it caught on something or still somewhat attatched to the 'alive' part?
    Truly odd:)

    1. The "dead" part was sort of entangled but entirely detached from the "alive" part when they discovered it yesterday. Ewww.

      The stump on the "alive" part is granulated tissue--no nerve endings there, so she didn't mind us handling it, which seems weird, but convenient.

      Her long flowing tail covers the injury nicely--if you don't know it's there, you probably wouldn't see it. This is important to Vanity Pony!

  2. I love the new name 'abbreviated radish!

  3. Ewww!! But interesting too. The things horses manage to do! She is still her pretty self, so glad "it's just a flesh wound..."

  4. I suddenly feel less upset about the small chunk of hair my horse ripped out of her tail a couple weeks ago! How very strange!

  5. Seems very unusual - but the good news is that she will still have a workable tail! No good if you can't swat those flies!

  6. That is kinda gross and kinda fascinating at the same time!! Glad the front end is alive and well!

    Love the pics (well, minus the icky ones) - looks like you guys have lots of fun at the barn.

  7. A few years ago, a ladies horse from a message board I read, had her mare's tail do pretty much the same thing... they never found a cause for it either...very curious to be seeing it happen again!

  8. i had to show j this post simply to illustrate how you have absolutely no reverence for the dignity of a horse.

    you just took it one step further today. posing with the disem-horsed-part. aarene, really!: )

    i hope you did not do this directly in front of hana.


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