Monday, June 4, 2012

In which one of the Usual Suspects gets hitched, so we all clean up

Sirie is the youngest of the Usual Suspects, the group of folks that Fiddle and I often ride with, and last weekend she got married.

So, for the second time in a calendar year, we all left our dirty boots and brightly-colored tights at home, and put on fancy dress clothes for a happy event.
How many endurance riders (and future endurance riders)
can you fit under that dress?
 It was a day full of smiles.

Jeff and Sirie
 Our very own not-entirely-Reverand Cowboy Jim officiated.
The horse-girls showed up to support the bride.  Look how my little girls have turned into such beautiful young women! 
With just a little photoshopping,
we could totally be Aretha Franklin and the Andantes.
 All the horse people herded themselves into a single table, of course.

We toasted the bridal couple,
She's a good public speaker...and she gave me happy sniffles.
 and told a story.  
Jim and I are pretty adept at passing microphones back-and-forth
(the story we tell at weddings is on the blog, HERE)

Everyone, please join me in wishing them a "happy-ever-after" life!

The next morning, Sirie was still busy >g<
 but a bunch of the rest of us put on the dirty boots and tightly-colored tights and went riding.   Because that's how we do things here!