In which I've fried my voice (and my brain), so here are some pictures

You maybe didn't know that some librarians have an annual equivalent of "Hell Week."

In the next ten days, I'm scheduled to present booktalks to promote summer reading in 5 schools.  I also get to drive the bookmobile one morning (yay!) and spend an entire afternoon conducting a "library scavenger hunt" at a middle school.

Don't get me wrong:  I love this part of my job.  It's probably the most fun I have at work all year.


it's exhausting.

It's not like talking to friends for 10 hours.  It's more like being onstage in front of an audience for that length of time.

It's hard on my voice, and it sucks up all the extra "go-juice" in my brain.

My brain, as anyone will tell you, has a LOT of "go-juice."  But the supply isn't unlimited.

That's why this blog post is pretty much just pictures from recent training rides.

The weather has been medium-to-good,

the horses have been full of happy energy,

and the trails are growing in greener every day.

Just so you know:  even during Hell Week

my life is Good.

p.s.  my Other Book now has an official release date:  July 1st, 2013.  Yippeeeeeee!  If you want a preview, there's a list of chapter titles HERE.  I know chapter titles aren't usually very amusing, but we think ours are pretty funny.

p.p.s.  Yes, I'm still working on another horse book.  This one is a novel, and it's about endurance and magic.  Watch for it before Xmas this year.


  1. Hang in there! I get the lack of "go-juice" thing, as I have large amounts myself but the last few weeks of school with my seniors just about do me in! Love the new book! Congratulations! I still need to order the endurance one.....ack!

  2. It's a good thing to be happy even during hell week! Good luck.

  3. As the mother of an 8-month old and who still works part-time, and has a horse, and a dog, and chickens, and a husband, and a house, I very much understand how you must be feeling! But just looking at your pictures makes me want to get out and ride!:)

  4. i long for the day my horse is sweaty enough to sponge. and being able to let go of the reins would be awesome too. last night i dreamt baasha was alive, living with mara together. it was incredible to see them hanging out. i guess that will be the reality someday, hopefully far off.

    hey, i have a great idea for a horsetrailer sticker. but it's kind of antagonistic.

    i just love that sign. even better would be for me to attach it to my future horse trailer in germany.

    1. I dreamed of Story and Fiddle together last night--craziness. Fee was baffled by Story. Which would be just about right!

      When I followed the link to the sticker (I'd call it more "passive-aggressive"), Google gave me advertisements for the Jersey shore. WTH???

  5. Sounding like you're doing it all! Bookmobile would be fun I think? Glad that you're creative energy is being put to good use! :-)

    1. It's *all* fun, even the exhausting bits.

      But dang, I'm tired. :-)

  6. Print ride photos. Intersperpse between talk index cards. Look like you're pausing to think about the fun point you are going to make (instead of the fun ride you are having in your head) and get mini breaks during the talk?

    Yeah. Didn't think it would really work, but fun to fantasize about. HILARIOUS chapters. PTA cracked me up. Fine. They all cracked me up. (and I'm still hearing the singing muppets.)


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