In which this isn't a horsey post, but it's full of smiling people

It doesn't seem like much time has passed 
since Lisa arrived here at Haiku Farm.

Santa Jim fluffs up his younger child
before the ceremony begins

And yet, it's been nearly three years!  

In that time, Lisa has gained language skills, an academic work ethic, a bunch of muscles, and a Whole Lotta Attitude.

There were a lot of people smiling today,
 including my mom, Lisa, and Santa Jim.

Those are all things we value around here, and today we celebrated her accomplishment: graduation from high school.  

The entire Motley Crew smiles for the camera.  L-to-R:
Uncle Larry, Some Random Pirate, Will, Grandma Ellen, Lisa, Santa Jim, Uncle Dave,
Granny Barbara, Mister Stormy, Grandpa Richard

And, of course, I lied about there not being any horses in this blog post.

During slow parts of the ceremony (graduation ceremonies generally have 2 gleeful outbursts per family--everything else is dull as room-temp swampwater) I checked in on Team Fixie via Facebook.  Here's Funder's photo from the 50-mile point:

There's not much that would keep me away from crewing Funder's first 100-miler, but I guess Lisa's graduation is one of those few events.

Ah, well.

After the party was over, we stopped at the store to pick up a few essential items.

Yep, the shoes have stupidly high heels, but
she can still heft a 25-lb bag of carrots while wearing them!
Like carrots.

Because if you really want your life (with horses) to be good, 
you really need to have a lot of carrots.

You heard it here first, folks:  it's good.

(and tomorrow, I'm going riding!)


  1. Congratulations Lisa!

    Any news from team Fixie? Anxiously awaiting news here!!

  2. Woah, there's Dixie ears in this! Big congrats to Lisa - I am so proud of her, and i can't believe it's been almost three years!


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