In which we all desperately need to get out and ride, so we do

Patty sent out a Facebook message to the Usual Suspects last night:

Dory led the way on some trails we don't use very often

"We need to get out and ride!  Where?  What time?  Who's going?"

It's difficult to tell, but we've had a dry week here in the Swampland.
A lot of the mud was not muddy.
 Blue-er skies were forecast for afternoon, but we saddled up in the morning and headed up some steep hills.

Spot:  "Follow me!"   Flower:  "Oooof!"  Ariana: "I'll push you!"
Fiddle:  ominous silence.
 Flower is new at steep hills, but with practice

Patty slid down on her bum, but everyone else stayed upright

she got the hang of both downhill and

Flower:  "Ooooof!"

Everyone:  "Foooooooooood!"

We visited the monument, and took pictures (as usual).

Photos from the monument hill are more impressive on blue-sky days, but the view is still nice to look at, and it's even nicer to be there IRL. 

Dory led us down a sidehill trail just in time: 

Super-long logging truck!

I've seen logging operations and log trucks my whole life, but even I was impressed by the length of the load on these rigs.

The horses were interested in the racket made by log trucks, but they weren't bothered by them.

It was a good day.

Riding with friends.  It's a Good Thing.

Because riding?  It makes things Good.


  1. You get the best ride photos. PNW green is so similar and yet so different from Appalachian green. LOVE it.

  2. I love that you get to go out in such big groups...

  3. Looks like you enjoyed your "desperate" ride! Did you get to take advantage of our freshly cleared trails?

  4. What absolutely gorgeous pictures....


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