In which our usual Sunday plan is out, so we make a new plan

Sunday is a day for fun for the Usual Suspects and me.  
Usually, we ride trails.

Apparently, it's *probably* a cable within the emergency brake housing.
Temporary solution:  don't use the e-brake unless absolutely necessary.
(At least the temporary solution is inexpensive....)

But my truck is in the shop (again).   

And Flower got kicked in the pasture.  

And Crystal was visiting from Texas.  

And we wanted to have fun.

So we made a new plan:  

Show up at Fish Creek on Sunday, and we'll do...something.   Something fun.

The first task:  Go up the road a mile and retrieve a former FC horse who is now retired and coming home to finish his days in Area 54, the huge retirement pasture.

This is Classy, a retired international-level endurance horse.
He's 28 years old, but he doesn't remember that most days.

Second task:  Go to lunch.  Make sure the drive is fun.

Dick has been working on this 1923 Model T touring car all winter.
Happily, it now has steering *and* brakes...and it's really fun!

Third task:  apply healing laser to broken parts of horses, dogs and humans.

Crystal is visiting for a few days before moving to Tennessee (from Texas) so we
pressed her veterinary skills into service:  she got to hold the bag o' cookies
Flower:  "Apply laser, insert cookie."

Fourth task:  Ride.
Aarene on Shade, Duana on Hana

Everybody ride!
Duana on Shade, Crystal on Hana

Allamande left, and bow to your corner, and take that pretty miss round the room.

In other words, we had four riders and two horses
Duana is accustomed to a much smaller saddle

Patty on Shade.

and everybody got to ride everything!

Aarene on Hana

Yes, I know this saddle is too small for my bum.  

Part of the fun was working with horses and equipment we don't know very well.
(But we all missed our own gear, I think!)

It wasn't the day we planned.
Patty demonstrates some useful stuff to Crystal

Shade wasn't convinced at first that Crystal was worthy of his "show horse trot"

But it was a good day anyhow.
"Oh, THAT show-horse-trot.  Well, since you asked so nicely, okay."
Shade is looking for a new show-pony home, BTW.  
We had fun.'s good.

But you knew that.  Right?


  1. Now that's what I call making the best of it :)

  2. It looks very good! (My the truck recover swiftly and economically...)


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