In which we go riding and it's good. So what else is new? (not a thing!)

Blue skies above, so we assembled the Usual Suspects 
earlier-than-usual this morning.

The Very Bright Colors are the clue: endurance horses here!

We have horses in all levels of maturity and fitness in the gang right now, so we divided into logical groups and headed out. 

Oh!  What a beautiful morning!

We split up and rejoined groups a couple of times during the ride.  Dean mostly rode solo on Horus, who is getting prepped for the National Championship ride this fall, so he took the longer, faster trails.  

We weren't the only ones out enjoying the day--
note the hikers at 10 o'clock!

Ariana's shoes are at the end of their usefulness, and Flower 

Our little Flower is growing up fast!

has been under saddle for less than 4 months, so they took the semi-short route.  

There must be a song somewhere about a pretty red horse and a pretty little daisy.
Anyone wanna try to sing?

Hana is ready for a bigger challenge, so (with flowers jauntily woven into her mane) she and Duana partnered up with Fiddle and me for the middle part of our ride.

We did a nice, long, loop of a trail--about 15.5 miles in all.  Lots of hills, but also

Fee's favorite trails are twisty-winding trails through the woods

lots of trails.

And at the end of the trail (right before we rejoin the group back at the trailers)



It's good.  

You know I'm right about this.


  1. I came to you blog after you posted it on the tack tack of the day facebook.

    I did ONE endurance ride when I was 28 weeks pregnant and it was amazing. I could barely move for a week afterwards. It was only supposed to be a 15m but I ended up going 25 because someone didn't want to ride alone haha!

    My ride was on a suffield mustang and she actually quite enjoyed it.

    Anyways, I enjoy your blog already and look forward to reading more. I hope to do "the whole endurance thing" again one day... once life calms down a bit and I can properly prepare.

    Happy trails!


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